Premium Packaging, Storage & Boxes

Working Principals

At Garilanocraft, we believe; to create something big, we have to dream bigger; and to make that dream a reality, we have to earn it, work for it, make it happen — one way or the other. This is not a promise: this is what we do all the time.

Use of Quality Materials

Quality materials are the cornerstone of our business — it is one of the ‘why’ factors that makes our products outstanding, rare and beyond compare. Garilanocraft is committed to only using the best vinyl-coated MDF, PVC, artificial leather and fabric, and printing paper from our trusted suppliers.

Before the production wheel commences, we regularly handpick and test our materials to meet our own high standards. We only choose suppliers, vendors and other service providers with a record of proven and credible environmental awareness.

Good Quality, Good Control

Quality is the main determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Quality can be likened to a good commitment, and a good commitment — in any kind of field — goes a long way.

In the increasingly competitive business environment these days, better quality translates into better value and, subsequently, better understanding between our customers and us. Garilanocraft ensures that every item that comes out of our manufacturing powerhouse has been carefully made and thoroughly supervised by the very people who made it — us. We have structured our quality control policies according to the strictest possible criteria.

Precise Quantity

At Garilanocraft, exactitude is one of the main foundations we rely upon. Accuracy is our every employee’s middle name, carved at heart and carried out through the ethics of our work — or call it ‘mission’ if you will.

We carefully check packages for accuracy of net content statements and verify that the company requests only the correct amount of payment when customers make purchases. The level of consistency of the working flesh-and-bones who fill this department can only be matched by the rigid machineries from which the products are made.

Structured Schedule

Our company’s work schedule serves as a specific measure of our tactical operating system — it is what keeps every atom in our body integrated and move towards the same point for a specified amount of time.

Garilanocraft has designed a work schedule that helps our employees to reach their full potential and enables them to be in their best possible condition to guarantee a healthy productivity. In everyday language, we know when to work hard and when to work smart.

On-Time Delivery Service

Here is another thing that makes us close to our customers’ heart: door-to-door delivery, on time. It is the bridge that connects and brings us closer — and faster. It is our secret language that says, “Let us take care of everything. You have nothing to worry about.”

Whether it is our customer’s 25th anniversary of service or favorite annual holiday celebration, we do everything we can to make sure that we always be there to help them savor the moment.

Excellent Customer Service

The foundation of our services is based on effective, two-way communication. By providing a listen-and-share attitude, we have been able to ensure that our products meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

We can provide helpful support and information regarding our services and products, and deal with any issue promptly, fairly and professionally. We encourage our mutual respect with the customers to help us relate and bond with them for future references. Garilanocraft provides an excellent people-powered customer service that transcends the ordinary and borders on the extraordinary.