Premium Packaging, Storage & Boxes

Behind The Production

Experienced People

Meet the people who shape our culture, our innovative thinkers and our ingenious craftspeople. With more than ten years of experience behind the people who hold strategic and executive positions within the company, we offer comprehensive services for all the best aspects in the world of craftworks. We know precisely what we do and how we do it. Together we work towards one common goal until our expectations, our standards and our dreams have been exceeded.

Employee Training and Development

Here is how Garilanocraft makes an investment in our professional future: we develop people skills, engrave solid mentality in their minds and embrace them as parts of our own. Our training and development center dedicates itself as a forging place that produces a network of strong, talented people. We supply our trainees with advanced capabilities to develop and utilize their talents, in the hope that they are able to give back to the company and their communities, and most importantly, to advance their careers.

Our Craftspeople

Garilanocraft is supported by a number of dedicated craftspeople who work tirelessly to build excellent products that are unparalleled in the industry. Every month, we are able to produce around 17,000 pieces of premium packages, storages, boxes, corporate and promotional gifts, and office equipment. And we can always produce more. Our employment system is highly flexible, in order to keep up with the high demands from customers. We employ freelance workers every time greater work capacity is required.

Pressing Machine

Our pressing machine keeps the products intact, prevents it from falling apart and preserves its quality. It presses on glued material surfaces to maximize the glue’s intensity, so that it sticks better and keeps the materials perfectly attached in one piece for as long as it takes.

Cutting Machine

Basically, our cutting machine is differentialized into two separate machines: a cutting machine and a pounding machine. A cutting machine is a sharp-edged machine tool that is equipped with an electric saw to cut various wooden materials, such as MDF board and plywood. On the other hand, a pounding machine is a tool to create patterns on paper, foam board or cardboard by pressing its patterned knife onto the material.

Gluing Machine

The gluing machine serves as a productivity booster when it comes to handling large-scale productions. This tool flattens the surface of any glued material, and it saves a lot of productive time.

Sewing Machine

This textile machine is used to stitch fabric, cards and other material together with thread. Our sewing machines are operated by our own skilled tailors with considerable amount of experience in the textile industry.


To achieve the best printing results, we have established a long-term partnership with a well-known printing company. It is the mark of our determination to give the best of everything to those who are close to our heart – you.


At Garilanocraft, we measure the success of our production with safety. A good production process is better served when safety comes first. We encourage our employees to take this measure seriously. It has always been our priority; one of our core values is instilled in all parts of our organization — a part of our culture.