Premium Packaging, Storage & Boxes

Product Overviews

Premium Packaging

Garilanocraft’s premium packaging offers our preeminent service with unparalleled values and benefits that our devoted customers expect and deserve. We dedicate this service to our most loyal customers — the ones who understand what it means to excel at many great things in life.

Our name is synonymous with quality, and our graphic splendor is symbiotic with your premium personality.

Hotel and Household Equipment

At Garilanocraft, we make domestic products with multifunctional benefits, good specifications and at affordable prices. We are always looking for elegant ways to enhance the aesthetic value of your life. Our hotel and household products make up for the best of your surroundings. We bring excellence to the little things in your life.

Office Equipment

Our office equipment has been known for its distinctive style — simple, professional and masculine. Yet, at times, it radiates a sense of drive and integrity that attracts ambitious and self-motivated individuals.

Sometimes it does not matter what you do for a living: your name card holder, your writing pad or your agenda cover will always be a little reminder of who you truly are.

Promotional Gifts and Souvenirs

Say your appreciation and gratitude with these elegant gifts and souvenirs. Whether in business, government, education or nonprofit organizations, we dedicate these fine and earnestly assembled items to those who have dedicated their lives to excellence — and all the great things that come out of it.

Custom-Made Products

Garilanocraft offers a highly personalized service that helps our customers to envision — and formulate — their own brand of excellence.

Talk to us and tell us your ideas. We will craft it specifically for you. If it’s highly personalized, if it’s highly you, then it’s just about the very thing that makes you, you.